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Brothers in arms Tree Service Closed $22k In Sales From 14 Leads In One Day

We Go Over His Exact Process And Massive Growth

Let's Take A Look At Their Operation and
How They Are Doing

We Go Over His Exact Process And Massive Growth

$22k In Sales From 14 Lead

Brother In Arms tree service received 14 leads in One Day and was able to turn that into $22k in sales. Branch Boosters marketing services becomes the #1 driver for all new tree service estimates.

Built A System For 80% Close Ratio

Tyler has built a unique system for consistently closing 80% of all Branch Boosters leads. His secret? Hired an Account Manager!

40+ New Leads A Week

Brother in Arms Tree Service hired 6 new crew members, to help with an increasing number of jobs that average about $1,500. With 40+ leads a week, they have turned off every other source of marketing.

225% ROI On Marketing

Tyler was able to invest in a new office and over $100k in equipment to expand his business; including a bucket truck, chipper, stump grinder, trailer, and a new truck.

The Results

Increase In Website Traffic

Online Quotes & Phone Calls A Day

New 5 Star Google Reviews

“Branch Boosters is a team that will stand behind you, they care about your growth, & will help with all your marketing needs. I began working with Branch Boosters at the end of 2019. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – Exclusive Quality Leads for an affordable price. I could see the increase in leads I was receiving almost immediately. I had the best summer of my career with leads flooding in thanks to Branch Boosters’ marketing efforts.”

Tyler Huisken,
Owner, Brothers In Arms Tree Service
Niceville, Florida

What Were The Objectives?

Dominate The Local Market With Constant Recurring New Tree Service Customers

Generate New Leads

Generate 10 tree service leads daily from marketing campaigns. Enough leads that Tyler could employ 6 more crew members to take on the new customers.

Build A Brand In Targeted Areas

Achieve a strong presence in the Fort Worth and surrounding areas, bring more awareness to the company name and brand, and grow the number of reviews.

Target New Customers

Increase lead flow for Brothers in Arms Tree Service by creating a lead capture website firmly around tree removal and tree trimming jobs. As well as expanding to new areas.

Generate More Revenue

Generate more revenue to be able to invest in a bigger crew, an office, and necessary tree service equipment to be able to handle the increase in jobs.

How The Objectives Were Achieved

Branch Boosters Discovery Call

Jumped on a discovery call to find out the main goals of the business and make 6-month projections. Performed a Business Audit to make sure we are the right fit to start generating leads for their business.

High Converting Landing Page

Branch Boosters built a custom High Converting Landing Page for Brother In Arms Tree Service. Included were compelling offers to convert traffic into tree service estimates, their images, and the services they provided. This is what we call our “Lead Capture Page”.

Exclusive Qualified Tracked Leads

We targeted the Fort Worth & surrounding areas delivering 7 to 8 leads a day via calls and email forms. Tyler was able to build a system with an 80% Close Ratio, we bumped the lead volume up to 15 a day. All leads are highly tracked, live calls are recorded and included in the reports we send.

Tree Service Revenue Growth

By providing consistent High-Quality Exclusive Leads. Tyler was able to close his tree service leads at a high ratio of up to 80%. This resulted in a 225% revenue growth from his ROI on Branch Boosters tree service leads sent directly to his company.

The Results That Were Achieved

The new website and landing pages that were built for converting traffic into quality tree service estimates started generating 15 leads a day.

Online leads increased by 600% to 200+ leads per month and an additional $240k revenue delivered in the first 3 months.

Substantially greater returns than other services they used like Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, and Thumbtack. Eco Tree Northwest halted all other marketing services.

Brothers In Arms Tree service achieves search engine dominance, occupying 3 positions on page 1 of Google for major keywords. They are now a very well branded company people are domination in their area.

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